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How We Charge

At Financial Planning Consultants, we believe our clients should know what they are paying from the moment we start working together.

Financial Plan: Whenever we begin a relationship with a client, we start by creating a financial plan. This allows us to understand a client’s situation and goals. The plan will serve as the roadmap in our relationship as we help to manage assets and work towards your financial goals. We charge a one-time fee, ranging between $1000 and $2000, based on the complexity of the plan.

The plan developed for you acts as the framework for our ongoing relationship as we help you to reach your specific goals. Over the long-term, our compensation for the management of your assets can be arranged under a few different options:

  1. Fee-Based: This is our most popular option. Our annual fee is applied quarterly, based on assets under management. The fee percentage will decrease as you reach rising targets of assets under management. We offer five model portfolios that vary based on the risk/return profile of the client. These portfolios primarily consist of mutual funds and ETFs. This allows us to keep fees low. Periodic meetings are included in the fee. This option works well for clients who choose to have investment decisions made by portfolio managers, and your personal involvement is minimized. 

  2. Commission-Based: This type of managed arrangement includes a lower commission on buys or sells of individual stocks, bonds, or ETFs. The commissions of other asset types will vary. We emphasize long term investments to reduce costs. Our goal is to minimize, as much as possible, your investment expenses associated with your accounts. For those that wish to have ongoing advice, we offer an annual or semiannual retainer of $250 or $350, respectively. This retainer is waived the first year that you have a financial plan created. These arrangements allow for annual or semiannual meetings and a decreased commission on individual stocks or bonds to 0.80%. This arrangement is appropriate for those with an existing portfolio and a desire to participate in account decisions.

  3. Hourly Rate: For those that do not wish to use our management services and simply want a second opinion or advice on specific financial issues, we offer an hourly rate.