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Our Approach

At Financial Planning Consultants we understand that there are many right ways to invest. Each client’s objectives and personalities are different. This is why the first step in our client/advisor relationship is a comprehensive financial plan. A comprehensive financial plan helps us better understand your goals and objectives. It gives us a clear picture of your lives, past experiences, and level of risk you are willing to take with your investments. This process helps us to pick the right investment strategy for you, unique and specific in nature, to help you towards achieving your financial goals.

There are many unexpected experiences in life that are impossible to anticipate. This is why we monitor your assets along your journey of life, meeting at least annually (more often if requested) to revisit your plan. We advise on adjustments that need to be made along the way to help keep you on the same path set in your original financial plan. Whenever you need on-the-spot advice, we are only a phone call away.

At Financial Planning Consultants, we maintain a conservative investment philosophy. We do not participate in day trading or dabble with penny stocks. We invest in established companies, and we invest for the long run, making changes as we see necessary. Diversification is an important principle at Financial Planning Consultants. Through LPL Financial, we have access to thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, and more. With almost unlimited choices in investments reaching all over the globe, we can more efficiently and effectively choose an investment diversification that fits your risk profile and your goals.

This approach to investing and financial planning will help you to feel less anxiety towards your future and finances, knowing that you have a plan and a professional watching over your assets and financial well-being. This leaves you more time to do what you love doing, not just reaching your goals but the journey along the way.

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